For Users

Documentation about how to install and use Bergamot Monitoring

For Developers

Documentation about how to develop against Bergamot Monitoring, covering using the REST API and the worker APIs.

For Contributors

Documentation on the internals of Bergamot and how you can get involved.


I've given a couple of talks to local groups about Bergamot Monitoring and technologies it uses.

Getting Help

Should you run into a problem, want to discuss an issue, suggest something, then try the following:


Come to our IRC channel #bergamot-monitoring on Freenode ( You can ask for help, report issues, suggest features, say nice things, what ever really. IRC is probably worth a first port of call if you have a simple issue which can be answered quickly.


Discuss is our mailing list system. Simply register for an account and select the lists you wish to subscribe to. Messages can be posted either by email (plain text) or online. All messages are publicly archived here on the site for people to read and reference.