Bergamot Monitoring - Contributors Guide

Anybody is welcome to contribute to Bergamot Monitoring. You can contribute bug fixes, new features, entire new services, check definitions, documentation, packages. The more the merrier.


Licensing is dull, but it is essential.

Bergamot Monitoring does not require copyright assignment. All contributors will retain their copyrights and moral rights. All contributors will be credited on the project website.

All code contributed must be licensed under the GNU LGPL V3. Any dependencies that you make use of must be compatible with the GNU LGPL V3. This is especially true when contributing code to Bergamot Monitoring core or when linking against any Bergamot Monitoring core code.

Where you are contributing an entire new service, that is not linking against any of the Bergamot Monitoring GNU LGPL V3 license then the above restrictions do not apply. We would prefer to keep everything under a single license, however if there is specific reason for using an alternative license your contribution will be considered.

How To Contribute

Keep Talking

Before you contribute to Bergamot Monitoring please say hello on our IRC channel or mailing list. Please discuss what you are considering contributing, it might be that someone else is already working on that. Or maybe someone has an idea as to how something could be implemented.

Code Contributions

Before contributing code to Bergamot Monitoring, it would be worth reading our developer documentation. Make sure you have a development copy of Bergamot Monitoring up and running.

The core of Bergamot Monitoring is written in Java. As such contributions to core functionality will be expected in Java. By default Java 8 source code level is used, however the Bergamot Agent uses Java 6 source code level. Ideally your contribution should work with both the official Oracle JDK and the OpenJDK.

Contributions for entire services in other languages will be accepted on condition that someone is comfortable in maintaining and supporting the contribution.

Most importantly, your code should be as readable and as simple as possible. For Java code follow the standard Java coding standards, with one exception: braces on the following line.

Submitting Your Contribution

Ideally fork our repository on GitHub, make your changes in a feature branch and then raise a pull request with Bergamot Monitoring.

Please do not email code patches directly to people and please don’t send patch requests to the mailing list.

When submitting a contribution please explain in detail: What you are contributing Why you are contributing it What testing you have done of it (if applicable)

Note it is at the sole discretion of the Bergamot Monitoring project owners what contributions are accepted.